Safety Guidelines - Give them a read!

Here are our current patron policies and cleaning processes so we can keep everyone safe while at Laugh Boston:


- All tickets for a performance must be purchased in advance online. New Box Office hours are 1 hour prior to show time and 30 minutes past the end of the last performance of the evening. Please check our FAQ for general information. All other inquiries can be emailed to and will be answered in 24 to 48 hrs. Mondays are dark unless there is a performance scheduled.
- As of May 14th, Laugh Boston will return to being an 16+ establishment.


- Seating is still being determined at this time in order to adhere to current State guidelines so no seating maps or seating requests are available. ADA requests should be emailed to
- All seating will be at tables of 2 or 4 maximum. Large parties may purchase tickets but tables cannot be pushed together and large parties reservation requests will not be taken at this time. All seating will be fixed and cannot be moved by the patrons.
- Seating will begin 30 minutes prior to the start of the show.

Food and Beverage

- All beverage service will be provided at the tables. You may order through a server or through our direct-to-table ordering through our partnership with Noble. QR codes will be provided at each table for completely touchless ordering. At this time we are serving a limited food menu of light fare.

- Laugh Boston adheres to restaurant standards and guidelines for health code practices during the Massachusetts multi-phased reopening plan.
- Guests may remove masks once seated at tables and have placed beverage orders.
- If you leave your table for any reason you must put on your mask.

Health Practices

- All patrons are expected to wear masks when entering the venue and keep masks on over their nose and mouth until they are seated.
- Tables, chairs, and all other surfaces will be sanitized before each performance.
- Laugh Boston adheres to CDC and OSHA COVID-19 Guidelines.


- All patrons are required to obey instructions made by the staff. Any patron refusing to adhere to the above policies or what we determine as reasonable instructions will be asked to leave and not provided a refund. For the enjoyment and safety of all other patrons and staff there will be a low tolerance for not adhering to policies and staff requests.
- Laugh Boston is and will continue to be a no heckling comedy club. Patrons are there to see the performers. Although you may be hilarious and think that you’re contributing to the show; don’t. If you feel you must say something we encourage you to visit our sister venue Improv Asylum where you’re encouraged to be part of the show. Visit for more information.