Rescheduled Shows from 2020

Thank you for your patience throughout our reopening and the rescheduling of shows. If you had tickets to a cancelled show from 2020 or earlier this year, you will be getting a new ticket emailed to you for the rescheduled show in 2021. Your new ticket will coincide with the day you purchased for the canceled show (For example, if you bought tickets for the Thursday @ 8pm performance of a cancelled show, you’ll be receiving tickets for the Thursday @ 8pm show of the new weekend). 

We are currently reissuing tickets for the following shows for their new rescheduled dates. You’ll be emailed a new ticket within the next few weeks.

Shane Gillis - 7/22-7/24

Stone Cold and the Jackal – 8/14

Sam Morril – 9/2-9/4

Jessica Kirson – 9/16-9/18

Erik Griffin - 9/23-9/25

Tom Green – 9/30-10/2

Jared Freid – 10/7-10/9

Adam Ray – 10/21-10/23

Mark Normand – 11/5-11/6

Chris Distefano – 11/18-11/20

Pete Correale - 12/2-12/4


Thanks again for your patience. If you have any questions, please email