Rescheduled Shows from 2020

Thank you for your patience throughout our reopening and the rescheduling of shows. If you had tickets to a cancelled show from 2020 or earlier this year, you will be getting a new ticket emailed to you for the rescheduled show in 2021. Your new ticket will coincide with the day you purchased for the canceled show (For example, if you bought tickets for the Thursday @ 8pm performance of a cancelled show, you’ll be receiving tickets for the Thursday @ 8pm show of the new weekend). 

We are currently reissuing tickets for the following shows for their new rescheduled dates. You’ll be emailed a new ticket within the next few weeks.

Stone Cold and the Jackal – 8/14

Sam Morril – 9/2-9/4

Jessica Kirson – 9/16-9/18

Erik Griffin - 9/23-9/25

Tom Green – 9/30-10/2

Jared Freid – 10/7-10/9

Adam Ray – 10/21-10/23

Mark Normand – 11/5-11/6

Chris Distefano – 11/18-11/20

Pete Correale - 12/2-12/4


Thanks again for your patience. If you have any questions, please email

We're Reopening!

We're slowly coming back to life! Please allow us time to get back to your questions and emails as our staff starts to return to work. Our Box Office will open one hour prior to show time, but will otherwise be closed down. To contact us with questions about exchanges, refunds, and any other ticketing related matter, please email 


Laugh Boston

Safety Guidelines - Give them a read!

Here are our current patron policies and cleaning processes so we can keep everyone safe while at Laugh Boston:


- All tickets for a performance must be purchased in advance online. New Box Office hours are 1 hour prior to show time and 30 minutes past the end of the last performance of the evening. Please check our FAQ for general information. All other inquiries can be emailed to and will be answered in 24 to 48 hrs. Mondays are dark unless there is a performance scheduled.
- As of May 14th, Laugh Boston will return to being an 16+ establishment.


- Seating is still being determined at this time in order to adhere to current State guidelines so no seating maps or seating requests are available. ADA requests should be emailed to
- All seating will be at tables of 2 or 4 maximum. Large parties may purchase tickets but tables cannot be pushed together and large parties reservation requests will not be taken at this time. All seating will be fixed and cannot be moved by the patrons.
- Seating will begin 30 minutes prior to the start of the show.

Food and Beverage

- All beverage service will be provided at the tables. You may order through a server or through our direct-to-table ordering through our partnership with Noble. QR codes will be provided at each table for completely touchless ordering. At this time we are serving a limited food menu of light fare.

- Laugh Boston adheres to restaurant standards and guidelines for health code practices during the Massachusetts multi-phased reopening plan.
- Guests may remove masks once seated at tables and have placed beverage orders.
- If you leave your table for any reason you must put on your mask.

Health Practices

- All patrons are expected to wear masks when entering the venue and keep masks on over their nose and mouth until they are seated.
- Tables, chairs, and all other surfaces will be sanitized before each performance.
- Laugh Boston adheres to CDC and OSHA COVID-19 Guidelines.


- All patrons are required to obey instructions made by the staff. Any patron refusing to adhere to the above policies or what we determine as reasonable instructions will be asked to leave and not provided a refund. For the enjoyment and safety of all other patrons and staff there will be a low tolerance for not adhering to policies and staff requests.
- Laugh Boston is and will continue to be a no heckling comedy club. Patrons are there to see the performers. Although you may be hilarious and think that you’re contributing to the show; don’t. If you feel you must say something we encourage you to visit our sister venue Improv Asylum where you’re encouraged to be part of the show. Visit for more information.

No Rest for the Wicked Funny

No Rest For The Wicked Funny is the incorporated 501(c)3 public charity branch of Improv Asylum and Laugh Boston. The mission of the organization is working to improve our community as a whole by using the art of comedy in partnerships with other non-profit organizations to spread awareness and raise money for those who need it most. Donate today and help us achieve our mission!

*As of March 15, 2020, donations to NRWF, Inc. will be going towards comedians and actors that have put out of work because of state-wide shutdowns due to the Coronavirus.

Donate Here!

How else can you help? Buy a gift card to Laugh Boston that you can use when we’re open again! 50% of every gift card purchases made during the temporary shut down will go towards the No Rest for the Wicked Funny fund to support out of work performers.

Gift Cards

A Very Serious Message re: Coronavirus. (We're Not Kidding)

As we all know, laughter is the best medicine.

Actually, that’s not true. It’s penicillin.* And vaccines. Vaccines are definitely more effective than laughter. And handwashing. Seriously.

While we, as a society, deal with the very real and very serious coronavirus / COVID-19 situation, the Laugh Boston family wants to make sure you know that, while we are comedians, we are taking every precaution to make sure that our venues are safe for patrons, performers, and employees. To that end, following the proposed guidelines from the World Health Organization, we are undertaking the following measures:

We have increased all janitorial services, including the frequency and level of cleaning of the public spaces in our theatres.

Our seats are being disinfected before and after every performance.

Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes are available at our venue.

We recommend that anyone not feeling well stay at home. If someone in the theatre is presenting symptoms, they will be respectfully asked to leave the premises.

We encourage all patrons, as well as our own staff, to take the standard precautions, including frequent and thorough handwashing to prevent the spread of any flu-like illness.

Signs regarding proper hygiene practices have been placed in all restrooms.

If you don't feel comfortable attending a show you've already bought tickets for, we'll be happy to exchange your tickets to be used at a later date, whenever you're ready to leave the house again.

We here at Laugh Boston understand the serious nature of the Coronavirus. We also know that humor is an incredibly important way for all humans to deal with anxiety and stress. We employ humor in times like these, not to minimize the threat or risk of this or any other serious matter, but to help us all cope with an uncertain and unprecedented situation. Laughter reduces stress and worry, and reminds us that we are all in this together.

The Laugh Boston family will face this challenge with humor and grace, and we want you all to know that our doors are still open if you need a small respite from the worries that surround us. So remember, while laughter might not be the very BEST medicine (It’s penicillin) it certainly is an important addition to your medicine cabinet. Also, wash your damn hands.

*Penicillin does not work on viruses. Please take NO medical advice from a comedian. It is bad for your health.

Norm Laviolette/ John Tobin
Laugh Boston

Boston's Premier Comedy Club.

Located in the Westin Waterfront Hotel in Boston's Seaport District – Laugh Boston is a 300-seat, state-of-the-art venue that features both local comedians and nationally touring headliners. Boasting 5,000 square feet of configurable space, the establishment’s Skyline Room is available for event rentals and private functions of all kinds. Enjoy a show. Enjoy a cocktail. Come on out and laugh, Boston!

Host Your Next Event at Laugh!

Are you looking for some comedy with your event? Laugh Boston has tons of options for you. We offer group rates on tickets for parties of 20 or more, with the option to rent out the bar and lounge before any of our existing shows. Or, rent out the space entirely for your party, with a private stand-up show with national or local headlining stand-up comedians, or a completely customized show from our sister club Improv Asylum.


Nick's on New Year's!

We've got two big New Year's Eve shows to close out your 2015 with a bang. Spend the night with Lamont Price, Sean Sullivan, Dan Boulger and Brian Glowacki at Nick's. Two shows at 6 and 8 PM.